Wildlife Wonders- The Animals You’ll Encounter at Jupiter Farms

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Many unique animal species call Florida home, and you are sure to encounter them if you live in Jupiter Farms. When you explore Jupiter Farms real estate, you’ll notice just how diverse this habitat is. Close to the beach, yet right in the middle of what is considered “old Florida,” it’s not uncommon for Palm Beach County residents to run into all sorts of rare creatures.

Life in Jupiter Farms

The neighborhoods in Jupiter Farms are made for animal lovers. Communities like Reynolds Ranch are specifically designed for horse owners and the large acreages in Ranch Estates provide plenty of room for animals. Because space is so plentiful, Jupiter Farms residents are focused on conservation.  Humans and animals live side-by-side and encounters with wildlife are more common than in other areas of South Florida.

A Bird Watcher’s Paradise

Jupiter Farms hosts migrant and year-round bird species. From sandhill cranes to pelicans, you’ll likely spot hundreds of types of birds. Birds of prey, such as the majestic Bald Eagle and the Barred Owl are also regularly spotted in the area.

Large Animals in Palm Beach County

Just a few miles away, you’ll find that the brackish water is the ideal home for wildlife. Manatees visit the area throughout the winter and are a crowd favorite. Of course, Florida is known for its alligator population, and if you’re looking out for these large reptiles, Jupiter Farms will not disappoint. Even the occasional American Crocodile can be found in local neighborhoods. The highly endangered Florida Panther is rarely spotted in the area, however, many residents find bobcats.

Small Creatures

Reptiles are plentiful in Jupiter Farm, and most are harmless. Skinks, geckos and even iguanas roam the area. Unfortunately, South Florida has also been invaded by many non-native species, so running across a wild boar or exotic snake does happen, on the trail. Shy gopher tortoises are a common sight, as are racoons, opossums, land crabs and armadillos.

Bonding with Wildlife

If your dream home blends proximity to wildlife with shopping, dining and a family-friendly environment, Jupiter Farms real estate is definitely for you. The team at the Lillian Realty Group will help you find an affordable home, in an area that works for your lifestyle. Search available homes or Contact us to learn more and to get started on your journey toward finding the perfect home.

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