Thinking of Buying in a Gated Community? What You Need to Know

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If you are searching for a new home in Ranch Colony or the surround area, you may be wondering if you should opt for a property in a gated community. While gated communities are known for their security, there are some additional factors to consider before decided if living in a Jupiter gated community is right for you.

Jupiter Gated Communities and Security

There is some debate about gated communities and how much security they really provide. There is no consensus on just how much or why fences and gates cut down on crime. Both homeowners and law enforcement professionals agree, however, that measures like barriers and guards have a psychological impact on potential criminals.

It’s not only the gated community itself that provides security. If you’ve chosen to buy a  gated community property in Jupiter, chances are, security is a concern for you, and for your neighbors. When neighbors look out for each other, this in itself can lead to less crime. Jupiter homeowners in gated communities also experience more privacy, less traffic and fewer solicitors, which make them safer overall.

The Challenges of Gated Community Life

Life in gated communities isn’t for everyone. Some owners prefer taking security into their own hands. Whether a gate is manned or electric, there is a certain amount of time required to enter and exit these communities. The reality is, malfunctioning gates and rush hour traffic often keeps homeowners from getting home as quickly as they’d like.

For those who entertain regularly, living in a gated community can also cause unforeseen issues. Holidays are especially busy and visitors to many homes may arrive at once. Gates can also cause problems for delivery drivers and contractors, who encounter trouble gaining access to the homes within in a timely manner.

Finding Your New Home

One of the great features about Ranch Colony is the space. Large properties, combined with the added with the security of a gated community are an ideal combination for many homeowners.  The communities within the North Palm Beach area are also known for their focus on the needs of the homeowner. Many residents keep large animals and recreational vehicles and have chosen their neighborhoods specifically for their ability to accommodate their lifestyle.

If you are searching for a home in Ranch Colony, contact the team at Lillian Realty Group. We love Jupiter Farms just as much as you do, and we’ll do everything that we can to help you find the home of your dreams.

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