The Pros and Cons of Living on a Golf Course

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The Pros and Cons of Living on a Golf Course
For avid golfers, the chance to live near the heart of the action may seem like an opportunity that’s too good to pass up. Walking out of your back door and onto the green is certainly a perk, but when you purchase any home, there are pros and cons. Before you decide that golf course living is for you, consider the following questions:
How important is “quiet” to your lifestyle? Living on or close to a golf course may seem peaceful or it might be too noisy for your taste. If your home borders a tee box, you’ll likely hear noise from golfers. In homes near golf cart paths, you will often be exposed to chatter and the sound of golf carts.
It’s also important to note that golf courses require regular maintenance. This means that there will be groundskeepers near your home, and work may begin before sunrise. When shopping for a home in a golf community, prices generally vary based on location and the level of noise a homeowner will experience on a day to day basis.
What activities are allowed near the green? Golf course communities often have special amenities like bike trails, community fitness centers and pools for active residents. Keep in mind, however, that these benefits may require a trade-off.
Walking your dog, for instance, may not be allowed near the golf course. Deed restrictions can also keep you from planting a flower garden, setting up a swing set or making certain improvements to your porch and other outdoor living spaces. Talk with your realtor to get a feel for how restrictive a potential community may be.
Will the occasional accident be a major inconvenience? There is a definite possibility that a stray golf ball could damage your home or your car if you live near a golf course. Your homeowner’s insurance policy will generally cover damage of this type, but assessing your risk before investing in new property is always a good idea. Some homeowner’s insurance policies include special provisions for unlimited window replacements or other repairs that are common for those living near golf courses.
How private will your new home be? Purchasing a home that borders a golf course means that you, your neighbors and fellow golfers will all be able to see the back of your home. Depending on the location of your property, you may have golfers searching for lost balls in your yard. For some homeowners, this is a chance to meet new people and discuss the game that they love. Others find that blinds or curtains are all they need to maintain their privacy.
There is no doubt that golf course living has its advantages and provides a fantastic quality of life for many homeowners. If you are considering purchasing a home in a golf course community, contact the team of professionals at Lillian Reality. They will partner with you to find the perfect home for you. Specializing in golf course and luxury homes in communities such as Ranch Colony, Jupiter Country Club, Port Saint Lucie West and Wellington, they have access to all of the tools and information that you’ll need to buy your dream home.



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