Mixing Urban Life with Rural Amenities

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Urban Life
There is a real appeal to the rural life. The beauty of open pastures, space to expand and the security of life away from the hustle and bustle of the urban environment are all drawing more and more homeowners away from the crowds. As inviting as rural living may sound, proximity to places of business, schools, health care providers and community centers and entertainment venues is also important. Can you really have both? If you choose the right location, the answer is absolutely yes.
The Benefits of Rural Living
Purchasing a home outside of a large city center has some serious benefits. The extra space, privacy and slower pace can help you reduce stress. It’s often easier to get involved in community life and get to know the members of your community. Smaller towns are known for their safety and security. They are also ideal places for growing families to raise their children. Lights, noise and pollution are minor inconveniences for some, but for others, the open air and the affordability of life outside of the big city brings them the satisfaction that they are looking for.
As ideal as rural neighborhoods are, fear of missing out on the amenities of city living is valid concern. Many homeowners may not be ready for the challenges of life far outside of the big city. Long commutes to and from work are taxing and though rural life offers security to some, others feel more comfortable closer to larger communities.
Researchers on both sides tout the benefits of living in certain communities, but the general consensus seems to be that the happiest homeowners fall somewhere in the middle. In fact, living outside of the urban sprawl but still having access to the amenities of more densely populated areas is recommended by both healthcare and mental health professionals.
Finding the Ideal Mix of Rural and Urban Amenities
Southeast Florida provides a unique opportunity for those who are seeking out a peaceful oasis. Communities like Jupiter Farms, Loxahatchee and Palm City offer the option of living in a rural area while still being close major metropolitan areas. Easy access to sunny beaches, diverse natural habitats and tourist destinations is another major draw to this unique area.
When you begin shopping for a home, it’s important to consider just what amenities are most valuable to you. Lillian Reality Group specializes in helping clients find affordable family homes in some of Florida’s most desirable communities. Their team suggests developing a priority list, which can help you to find an equal balance. If you are a horse owner that frequently travels to events, for example, access to trails and pastures may be just as important as proximity to major roads. There are many equestrian communities that offer just this type of mix. Whether your love is golfing, biking, boating or gardening, your real estate agent can help you to find the perfect combination of rural and urban living.
When you are ready to find your dream home in Jupiter Farms, Wellington, Loxahatchee, Winds in the Pines, Trailwood or Port St. Lucie, contact the team at the Lillian Realty Group. We strive to match future homeowners with properties that offer the best of rural and urban living. Reach out today to start your search.

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