How to See Past Staging When Buying a New Home

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If you’ve ever sold a home, you’re probably familiar with the concept of “staging.” If you’re a first time home buyer, it’s almost certain that you’ll run across a staged home. Major department stores use this tactic, as do talented real estate professionals. Think about buying a car. You wouldn’t just look at the shiny exterior, you’d want to know how it drives.

From baking cookies before a showing to arranging the rented furnishings to make spaces look larger, there are many tricks of the trade. There are even whole companies dedicated to home staging.  So, how can you see past staging so you can be confident the purchase of your Jupiter home?

Be Aware of Staging Techniques

Buyers are generally drawn to comforting sights and smells, as well as wide open spaces. It’s  important to consider what the home will look like once you’ve moved in, not what it looks like with someone else’s furnishings in it. Professional home stagers use many techniques, such as:

  • Removing interior doors
  • Covering up problem areas with furnishings or décor
  • Repositioning furniture
  • Manipulating lighting
  • Utilizing neutral colors to appeal to a broad audience
  • Adding fresh flowers
  • Painting walls, cabinets, tile or floors
  • Improving curb appeal by adding potted plants and attractive lawn furnishings

Also keep in mind that expert marketing of a home will make it easier to start off on the right foot with potential buyers. This means that Jupiter real estate pros will be strategic about posting the most flattering photos, putting together home descriptions that point out the most attractive features and scheduling showings for the time of day that when a home’s features will really shine. So you are dealing with staging before you even set foot in a home.

Once a showing is scheduled, the staging really begins. From the moment you pull up to the curb of a potential new home, you’ll probably experience the influence of whoever is helping the seller market their home. Being aware can help you see the forest for the trees! From the moment you start your Jupiter home search until an offer is made, marketing is on the minds of savvy sellers, so it should be on your mind too.

Check Out the Floor Plan

Reviewing the floor plan is a great way to get a feel for whether the layout really is for you.  There’s also nothing wrong with bringing along a measuring tape and a notebook when you go to a showing.  While the sleek, modern loveseat may fit perfectly in a compact living room, your classic antique sofa might not. If you have measurements of your own furnishings at hand, all the better!

Look beyond the common areas and determine if the home can accommodate your storage needs. Do you have sports equipment or a large assortment of cooking implements that also need a home? Checking out the dimensions of closets, the pantry, the garage and the attic space can help you to figure out if the home really fits your lifestyle needs.

Take a Close Look the Entire Home

It’s completely acceptable to ask if you can take a look under the sink or the strategically placed area rug. Be on the lookout for hidden clues that the home may be damaged like water marks and stains. If the home has been recently renovated, take a look at the quality of the material that were used. Was it renovated just to sell the home, or for the long-term benefit of the owner?

Take a peek at the air conditioner filter as well. If it’s dirty, that could be a sign that a home wasn’t maintained as well as it should have been. Follow your nose if anything seems out of line. Even with spectacular scents filling a room, water damage can usually be uncovered with a few sniffs. If you have any questions, this can be addressed with the seller or during a home inspection.

Schedule Multiple Visits

If a certain Jupiter home has really captured your attention, schedule a few visits. If you can make them at different times during the day, that’s even better. This will give you a better feel for things like how active the neighborhood is and whether or not the home has adequate lighting during both day and nighttime hours. These may not be deal-breakers, but this information is valuable to have on hand if you’re truly interested in a home.

The home buying process is extremely personal, and there’s no doubt that emotions will come into play when you spot a prospect. Just remember that just because some portion of a house reminds you of your childhood home or the smell of warm vanilla is filling the air doesn’t mean that you’ve found your dream home.

Start Looking for Your Next Home

When you are ready to look for your dream home in Jupiter, FL, contact the real estate professionals at Lillian Realty Group. They’ll work closely with you to help you to see past the staging and find a home that really fits your needs and tastes. We know the area well and can steer you toward your dream home in Jupiter Farms, the Palm Beaches, Martin County or Port St. Lucie. Contact us to get started. Whether you are new to the area or a longtime resident, we have the tools that you need to make a smart purchase.

Selling your home? We can help with that too! Just give us a call to learn more.

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