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Caloosa homes are in an equestrian community that boasts of over 30 miles and 32 acres of bridle paths and horse parks for horse recreational enthusiast lovers. Equestrian communities such as Caloosa, allows horse lovers to live with their horses in their property or facility with few restrictions,with a 24/7 security services, and provide shared trails for pleasure riding. The wealthy Caloosa home owners of the community maintain a 7 member Board of Directors Homeowners Association to help with the on-site property management services, horse boarding, and keeping direct access to private trails.

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Enjoy horseback riding as part of your late noon or early morning family activity and experience the many benefits of therapeutic riding.  Owning Caloosa real estate has health benefits!  Documented results of studies about therapeutic riding were seen to achieve improvements in some modalities of therapy while providing social pleasure to both children and adults. Riding aligns the hips and promotes stability in the same way that any surgery would do. Riding programs allow individuals to interact socially, compete, and makes the treatment for other types of therapy such as the rigidity and tightness of the Parkinson’s disease a bit more pleasant and more enjoyable experience.

Invest in Palm Beach Gardens Real Estate for Health and Wealth!

One thing that any person benefits from buying a large piece of land is wealth. However, not all people know that property, especially Caloosa property, also provides another benefit, which is the therapeutic benefits for health. The horse’s walk provides sensory input through motion, where the rider experience variable, rhythmic, and repetitive resultant responses comparable to human movement patterns of the pelvis. This helps grade the degree of sensory input. Combined with other forms of treatment, the riding hobby achieves the desired results. In a natural setting, the rider responds enthusiastically to the pleasant experience and forgets the monotony of undergoing therapies. Horse riding significantly improves the quality of life, depression, anxiety, and post traumatic stress disorder. Breathing deeply while riding helps you relax. The huge mental and emotional benefits living in an equestrian community should not be underestimated. If no other real estate agent in Florida told you about these benefits, then they are only thinking of building wealth and not improving your health and quality of life. Ellen Lillian, mobile 561-809-3233, offers homes for sale Caloosa to people who want to enjoy unmatched quality of life. Several studies show that being near the large animal and experiencing the consequential movement of the horse rider releases the so called feel good hormones called endorphins. Most people gain confidence and generally feel well after the therapeutic riding. Here in Caloosa Jupiter, you enjoy the benefits of space, peace, wealth, and health.

Recent home sales in Caloosa Palm Beach gardens

This spacious community of Caloosa homes has a full time deputy sheriff and a Citizens Patrol Service. The average price of MLS property listing is $598,396 with highest listing at $1,250,000 and lowest listing at $99,900. Price ranges of listings start with $500,000 and goes up to over a million. Each home offers 5 to 10 acres of land, allows custom designs, and a dining room large enough to accommodate big family gatherings.

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Fun in the Palm Beach Gardens real estate Caloosa Park

From sunrise to sunset, you can visit and spend some fun hours in the Caloosa Park lighted court facilities and athletic field. Do you think you would want to visit an alternative recreational center instead of riding a horse? This 64.53 acre park that includes 3.2 acres of lake offers a basketball court, bicycle path, freshwater stocked fishing, picnic areas with grills, playground for children, exercise courses, racquetball courts, tennis courts, walking paths, roller hockey rinks, and picnic pavilion. The Caloosa Golf & Country Club offers a wide variety of social activities such as the Caloosa Catch and Release Fishing Tournament, dance parties, shopping excursions, men’s poker nights, couple scrambles, and member help private parties and receptions.

Homestead and other exemptions

Applications for tax saving Homestead Exemptions on homes, condominiums, and apartments is accepted from all legal Florida residents of at least first and third $25,000 exemption of the assessed value. Need to find out more? Please contact Ellen Lillian, Caloosa Homes Palm Beach Real Estate Agent.

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